Adventures in Colorado and around the World


Journey Through the Badlands

When we decided that we were moving to New Hampshire and that we were going to drive all the way there, I started researching places for us to stop along

Attempting to Kill a Mummy

Amongst Colorado ultrarunners there are a couple of routes that discussed with equal parts fear and excitement. These routes include things like the Four Pass Loop, the High Lonesome Loop,

A Desert in the Mountains: Great Sand Dunes National Park

Knowing that we were most likely moving away from Colorado, I wanted to make sure that I visited Great Sand Dunes National Park before packing everything up and moving across

Colorado Bucket List: Lone Eagle Peak

Yesterday Jason and I made the long trek (16.7 miles, 3071 ft of climbing) in to Crater Lake and Lone Eagle Peak. Most people do this as a backpacking trip,

An Unexpected Find in Central California: Pinnacles National Park

A couple of weeks ago I was in the Bay Area for work and found myself with a half day of freedom between finishing work Thursday morning and flying out

Whirlwind Moments in Rocky Mountain National Park

She was gone without a warning Long before the sunrise I will paint the perfect face I will draw her eyes with the pigment of my mind I’ve spent the