Salomon Snowcross Shoe Review

By on January 20, 2015

If you didn’t already know, I live where it’s cold and it snows in the winter. I am also a runner who (stupidly) signs up for spring races, which means I need a way to run through all the snow (and ice and partially frozen mud) that Colorado gets each winter.

In the winters past, I just dealt with wet, frozen feet. It was painful. It was ugly (just ask my boyfriend or my pedicurist – my feet were disgusting). I still suffer from lingering issues related to a couple of close calls with frostbite on my toes. During every run I would try to concentrate on anything except my frozen feet. I usually failed and I usually spent the miles worrying that I was going to lose my toes forever. Post run, I would dread going into the shower knowing the warm water would quickly bring painful feelings to my frozen feet. I tried everything from really warm socks (wool, synthetic, everything resulted in my feet being frozen) to waterproof boots (snow still got in, melted, and then froze my toes causing my toes to be blue and numb for weeks afterwards) to plastic bags that I put between my socks and my shoes. Nothing worked.

Imagine my surprise when I was scrolling through the Salomon trail running shoe page and I came across the Snowcross CS. The shoes were advertised as being waterproof with built in gaitors to keep the snow, ice, and slush out. They also were advertised as having excellent grip made even better by strategically placed screws. The price tag was quite hefty ($200) but one thought of the horrors of winters past convinced me I had to try them. So I clicked purchase and a couple days later they came in the mail. I’ve now run over 100 miles in these shoes on everything from fresh snow to hardpack to sheer ice. I’ve scrambled up and down technical trails. I’ve really put these shoes through their paces and the below review is based 100% on my opinions. Salomon has not incentivized me to review their product (although if you want to, Salomon, I would gladly accept a pair of the Fellcross 3 to review).

Salomon Snowcross CS











  • Comfortable
  • Good Grip (snow and ice)
  • Responsive
  • Waterproof
  • Fast


  • Cost
  • Snow-specific (not an all-around running shoe)
  • Men's only sizing (not gender-specific)

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