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Pain in my Butt (and back and leg)

By on May 14, 2017

Surprise! It’s been over 3 weeks and I’m still injured. But I’m moving back towards health, so that’s good. After two weeks of feeling slightly better and then spiraling back to intense pain, I finally listened to my parents and made an appointment with a chiropractor.

Good image of my pain. Image from here.

I actually had an appointment scheduled for next week to get an x-ray to rule out a nasty condition called spondylolisthesis and picked a chiropractor based on them having an x-ray machine and the ability to fit me in immediately. After some Googling, I found Denver Chiropractic, LLC. They had great ratings on Google, they have an x-ray machine, and they were able to fit me in Monday morning (I called on a Friday afternoon)!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always heard that you have to wait to see the “good” doctors. Well that’s all well and good, but if I’m making a doctor’s appointment it’s because I need to see a doctor now. I try to avoid doctors unless I’m in a lot of pain. Needless to say, I canceled the appointment at the “good” doctor and went to Denver Chiropractic.

At the appointment the Chiropractor (Dr. Steven Brown) assessed my back with a variety of different tests including lifting my legs, trying a squat, and sitting down and pushing/pulling against his hand to assess my strength in each leg. He also looked at my back and had me describe in great detail my pain, what made it better/worse, and when/how it started. Based on his assessment he said I had a bulging disc in my lumbar spine and hypomobility of the SI joint.

I have bulging disc (luckily not the other ones pictured). Image from here.


Image from here

I’ve been back twice this week (for a total of three visits) and I’m noticing huge improvements. At the first visit, Dr. Brown said that I should expect about a 15% improvement with each visit. So far he’s kept his promise. I’ve gone from hobbling around hunched over to walking mostly upright. The pain has moved from going down my entire hamstring and causing charlie horse-like cramping in my calf to being mostly isolated to my butt and upper hamstring. I’ve been riding my road bike on the indoor trainer for the past 4 days and I’ve worked my way up to 30 minutes with 15 minutes of 1 minute on/1 minute off intervals!

After 3 very frustrating weeks I’m finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had some very dark moments in the past 3 weeks. I’ve learned that when I’m feeling depressed I shouldn’t use Google. I’ve cried more tears than I’ve ever cried in my life. Jason has been an amazing rock in my life, doing everything from walking Moose when it’s 9pm and raining like crazy outside to cooking me dinner and cleaning up the dishes. He was also my chauffeur for 2+ weeks when the numbness in my leg prevented me from driving.

Finally standing upright (and yes I am wearing moccasins in May)!

This was a long, rambling post about my injury but the three main things to know are: Denver Chiropractic, LLC (specifically Dr. Brown) is amazing, my pain and lack of training is due a bulging disc and irritated SI joint, and I have the best husband in the whole wide world. Happy Sunday everyone. Go out there an explore so I can live vicariously through you for the next week-ish.