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Gear Review: Qloom Silberhorn Shorts

Qloom makes some big promises about this short on their website, statingĀ “The Silberhorn is Qloom to the core. Designed from a female foundation, these shorts pivot from ride to run, from a hike to a cool plunge in a mountain lake without a second thought. Whatever you’re up for, this baggy’s down for it.” I’ve taken this short on every single adventure since I bought them and I have to say, Qloom delivers on all their promises.

First and foremost, Qloom is a mountain bike clothing company, so my first test of the shorts was on the bike. When the beautiful, 50 degree forecast for the Fat Bike Birkie in northern Wisconsin turned to single digits, I dashed my plans of wearing my go-to race shorts, the Qloom Bondi. Instead I piled on the layers, but my extra warm bike tights still had me shivering uncontrollably. So I added the Silberhorn shorts on top. They’re baggy enough to trap some air warmed by body and kept me comfortable during the ride. And I have to say I looked pretty good too!

Once we returned to Colorado, where the temperatures were hovering around 70 degrees in the middle of March, I decided to take the Silberhorn shorts for another spin. This time I paired my mountain biking briefs under them and took them on a variety of rides around Boulder (trails behind my house, Dowdy Draw, and Heil Valley) while also demoing a beautiful Juliana Furtado. The shorts added to the fun and kept me looking stylish all day. I usually have problems with baggy mountain biking shorts getting caught on my seat when I go from standing to sitting, but that was never a problem with the Silberhorn shorts. I didn’t have to think about sitting down on the bike at all, instead focusing all my attention on enjoying the ride.

After a variety of rides, I decided to see if the Silberhorn shorts lived up to Qloom’s promise of being a “do everything” short, so I packed them for my three-week honeymoon in Patagonia. We didn’t even look at bikes during those three weeks. Instead the Silberhorn shorts were my go-to gear for flying on the airplane (no yoga pants drama here!), hiking in the mountains of the Fitz Roy and Torres del Paine ranges, walking around town, and going to dinner at the nicer mountain restaurants. I even took wore them on a couple of runs, despite the fact that I had packed plenty of Salomon trail running skirts and shorts. The only thing I didn’t do in the Silberhorn shorts was go for a swim, but I can attest to their quick dry nature because we washed our clothes frequently in the bathtub and these shorts were always the first to dry!

I’ve put the Silberhorn shorts through their paces and I can honestly say they are amazing. The fabric is lightweight and feels good against your skin. The shorts are well-made and look the same as the day I bought them even though I’ve worn them almost non-stop for two months. They fit amazing, which is rare for me to say because I usually hate shorts. I did go up a size (I’m usually a small and I went with the medium) because I have huge thigh muscles. My only complaint about the shorts is that they only come in one color. I’d like to see them in a lighter blue and maybe a pink, but I’d buy any color they came in.

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Happy adventuring!

Qloom SIlberhorn Shorts

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