Adventures in Colorado and around the World


Old Friends, New Faces

I have this trail in Boulder that is my go-to trail. When I’m feeling happy, I rejoice in the feeling of my legs powering me up and down the trail,

So THIS is Recovery: Update on the “Bad Back”

So in case you haven’t been obsessively counting the weeks like I have, it has now been 8 weeks since I first hurt my back. It has been a rollercoaster

Best of Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine is considered by many to be the 8th Wonder of the World, and if you’ve seen pictures of the area it’s easy to see why. The towering

Pain in my Butt (and back and leg)

Surprise! It’s been over 3 weeks and I’m still injured. But I’m moving back towards health, so that’s good. After two weeks of feeling slightly better and then spiraling back

Gear Review: Qloom Silberhorn Shorts

Qloom makes some big promises about this short on their website, statingĀ “The Silberhorn is Qloom to the core. Designed from a female foundation, these shorts pivot from ride to run,

Hiking in Chile: Mirador Condores and Mirador Los Cuernos

Although these are technically two hikes, I’m going to combine them into one post. Most people do both lookouts in one day since they both start from Lago Pehoe (although