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So THIS is Recovery: Update on the “Bad Back”

So in case you haven’t been obsessively counting the weeks like I have, it has now been 8 weeks since I first hurt my back. It has been a rollercoaster

Pain in my Butt (and back and leg)

Surprise! It’s been over 3 weeks and I’m still injured. But I’m moving back towards health, so that’s good. After two weeks of feeling slightly better and then spiraling back

Gear Review: Qloom Silberhorn Shorts

Qloom makes some big promises about this short on their website, statingĀ “The Silberhorn is Qloom to the core. Designed from a female foundation, these shorts pivot from ride to run,

Golden Bike Shop Demo Program: Part 1 – Juliana Furtado

Although I’m in love with Hellga, I have some big bike races this summer. After carrying Hellga up Jackson’s/Jacob’s ladder in Moab over New Years, I decided that maybe I

Fat Bike Birkie

The second weekend of March, Jason and I packed up bike gear and headed north for a weekend of fat bikes and friends. Wade had sold us on how much

The Last Great Colorado Mountain Town – Crested Butte Adventures

At the end of January, Jason, Moose, and I packed up our bags and headed west to the “last great Colorado mountain town” aka Crested Butte. We originally booked the