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The Easiest Recipe I’ll Ever Publish Part I: Fruit and Nut Butter Roll Ups

Ohh the roll up. I first discovered this wonderful invention while volunteering at the May Queen aid station during the 2013 Leadville 100. They had the basic supplies: tortillas, peanut

Sweet Potato Apple Soup

Wintertime in the Rockies means soup (even if it is 70 degrees outside)! I love soup. I could eat soup all day every day. But it is particularly comforting when

Apple Bread

This recipe was originally inspired by one Emelie Forsberg (one of my favorite ultra-running bakers) posted on her blog. You can find the original here. I made the original version

Chocolate Coconut Chia Oatmeal

Sometimes you just crave a hearty, homey breakfast. This does the trick and also helps satiate any sugar cravings you may have. The healthy fats from the coconut keep you

Roasted Nuts and Seeds

Have you ever gotten the little packet of nuts and seeds they sell at the cashier in Starbucks? Well I have and they’re delicious. One day I read the ingredients

Christmas Salad

This is a salad I’ve been making a lot recently because it’s so simple, delicious, and super healthy. It is also very festive and compliments any meal. The recipe below