Adventures in Colorado and around the World


The Grand Finale: Day 7 on the High Sierra Trail

Beep. Beep. BEEP. Some groaning and burying deeper into the sleeping bag. Before my brain turned on I was cursing the decision to set our alarms for 3:00 am, but

Backcountry Relaxation: Day 6 on the High Sierra Trail

When I had originally planned the trip, I thought we wouldn’t reach Guitar Lake until Day 7. I also scheduled in a rest day there in case we needed time

The Start of the Climb: Day 5 on the High Sierra Trail

After two 15+ mile days, we were all looking forward to a relatively easy 8 miles. Unfortunately our camp at Junction Meadows was there lowest we would be until we

Into the Canyon: Day 4 on the High Sierra Trail

We woke to the soft light of dawn filtering through the trees onto our tent and the sound of birdsong. Unfortunately my back was killing me! We had plans for

The Great Western Divide: Day 3 of the High Sierra Trail

The alarms sounded early on day 3. We all had big plans to make it to the Precipice Lake, made famous by Ansel Adams, for sunrise so we set our

Bearpaw to Hamilton: Day 2 on the High Sierra Trail

Day 2 of the High Sierra Trail took us from the backcountry posh High Sierra Camp to the majesty of Hamilton Lake, with lots of ups and downs in between!