Adventures in Colorado and around the World


Welcome to Durango

All the way back in July, my little family and I made the big move to Durango, CO. Jason and I fell in love with this bustling mountain town the

Attempting to Kill a Mummy

Amongst Colorado ultrarunners there are a couple of routes that discussed with equal parts fear and excitement. These routes include things like the Four Pass Loop, the High Lonesome Loop,

A Desert in the Mountains: Great Sand Dunes National Park

Knowing that we were most likely moving away from Colorado, I wanted to make sure that I visited Great Sand Dunes National Park before packing everything up and moving across

Colorado Bucket List: Lone Eagle Peak

Yesterday Jason and I made the long trek (16.7 miles, 3071 ft of climbing) in to Crater Lake and Lone Eagle Peak. Most people do this as a backpacking trip,

Whirlwind Moments in Rocky Mountain National Park

She was gone without a warning Long before the sunrise I will paint the perfect face I will draw her eyes with the pigment of my mind I’ve spent the

Mid-Week Winter Adventure to Jackal Hut

It may come as a surprise to many of you, but I’m not usually the biggest fan of backpacking. It frustrates me to move slowly thanks to all the extra