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9 days aka 4th of July

By on July 5, 2013

Note: I meant to post this yesterday but the day got away from so there will be two posts today – one for yesterday and one for today.

The fireworks at Beaver Creek were amazing last night. The BF’s neighbors and I decided to hike to the cliff overlooking Avon to watch the town fireworks, thereby avoiding the massive crowds that had flocked to Avon and were crowding the streets, parking lots, and lake front. We biked to the Ascent building, which, after 3 years of being built is finally being filled, and locked up our bikes in the trees at the base of the cliff. The hike up, according to my watch, is approximately 680 feet straight up over the course of about a third of a mile (which is about a 41.5% grade!). There were quite a few people on the very top so we went down about 50 feet in elevation to a great spot right on the edge. About 10 minutes after getting to the top, the fireworks started and they were SPECTACULAR! Our vantage point was almost eye level with the fireworks and they were so bring they were illuminating the lake and the Eagle river. I think it was the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen due to the amazing fireworks and the view.

The view before the fireworks started

And they’re off!

The finale!!

After the fireworks it was time to head home and get some rest to be ready for tubing today. The BF’s neighbor, Lauren, and I went with some of her friends/coworkers down to Dotsero to tube on the Colorado River. It was a perfect day, 70 degrees and sunny. We packed lunches in a little cooler that was tied to my tube and just enjoyed the beautiful day while floating along. About an hour into our float, we stopped on sandbar to eat a snack and another group of stand-up paddleboarders stopped to join us shortly afterwards. They let us try out the paddleboards and even gave us a few pointers! It was so much fun and definitely a sport I need to explore a little more. After checking the time and seeing thunderstorm clouds starting to build up behind the ridge, we departed the sandbar and continued on our way. 

While on the sandbar, we had heard rustling in the undergrowth and saw bear tracks in the mud, but then they stopped and we thought nothing of it. About 5 minutes after leaving the sandbar we saw a black bear chomping on some grass right on the edge of the river! He didn’t stick around long, probably due to the screams of “where’s the bear? I don’t see him!!” and the approach of some very dumb inflatable kayakers (more like floating lounge chairs!) who wanted a closer look. The farther we floated down river, the closer the clouds got to us until they finally blocked out the sun and the wind started to pick up. One member of our group decided to get out and walk along the road back to the take out point (until someone pointed out that he had over 2 miles to walk and he hitched a ride), but the rest of linked together and tried in vain to avoid getting wet during the small stretches of rapids. When we got to the take out point, the clouds parted and the sun came out.

Afterwards, my friend from high school, Mary, came up from Denver and we had a little BBQ with Drew and then headed to the fireworks. They were pretty disappointing compared with the Avon ones last night, but still festive. We drove up onto Golden Peak and watched them from the terrain park. It was pretty awesome because the Beaver Creek fireworks were lighting up the clouds and, in the middle of the Vail fireworks, someone set off their own, much bigger and brighter firework. Overall I achieved my fourth of July goal, to eat good food with good friends. 

 For a dog who doesn’t like water, Moose does like the rain

 Almost hog-tied himself

 Flav-R-Ice star popsicles!

Red, White and Blue Peanut Butter Balls! 

More pictures to come after I get them from Lauren’s camera!